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Information for medical and non-medical professionals, as well as for training in our healthcare professions

Finding an apartment in Germany from abroad can be tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, affordable housing is often scarce, especially in metropolitan areas, making it challenging to secure suitable accommodation. To alleviate your concerns and allow you to focus entirely on language acquisition, training, recognition, or work activities, we take care of the apartment search for you!

At our locations, we offer our own furnished and fully equipped modern apartments. You can choose between a private apartment or a shared living arrangement. How can you get health insurance? What documents do you need for family reunification? And where can you continue pursuing your athletic hobbies in Germany? Navigating a new country isn’t always easy. Our integration officers are there for you from day one, helping you acclimate quickly.

We provide you with our full-service, ample comfort, sufficient mobility, and a growing community, ensuring that you quickly feel at home in Germany.


Your Benefits


ent includes Wi-Fi, electricity, and water. Additionally, we assist you with your registration at the local registration office and provide all necessary documents.


Our modern and fully furnished apartments leave nothing to be desired – you don’t need to bring any furniture or furnishings.


All apartments have good access to local public transportation, allowing you to quickly reach your destination between home and your workplace or training location.


In shared living arrangements, you live with other participants, build connections, and have the opportunity to form friendships, making Germany your new home.

We look forward to having you!

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